Lane assist / OBDEleven B9 S-Line with pre-sense

Mr Olympik

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Lane assist is on all the time and it’s fine to live with. Some people may say it’s annoying as it always keeps you in lane, but to them I say; indicate like you should and no issues.

The auto high beam; I tested when I posted this and never used it since, don’t drive in places where’s it’s needed. It activates with the stork so no button there.

For ACC you need to have the sensors installed in your bumper. You can’t just program it in.

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Lane assist didn't work for me, even though I have all the required modules and screen camera installed, it just threw a return to workshop error. The auto high beam works well though!


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Yep! Is it a special case or lost cause?!!
2016 ones are slightly different I think. I did manage to do a friends and you need to go through doing it manually/long coding and I THINK this is the correct step to resolve it.

09 - Central Electrics
Heading Control Config>heading_control | Byte 35>Bit 0