Anyone used the Lamin-X film on their headlights?, was thinking about having a go with the subtle tint on the headlights and yellow for the fogs.If it looks gash apparently it's easy enough to remove!


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8P do this quite often, not seen it on an 8L yet though


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This is some "Euro fanboi" thing that is done to Clio's a hell of a lot. Really don't like it myself, but personal taste and all that.


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dark tint looks nice but surely itll make ur headlights dull?


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I think it looks ok to be honest, but only on the right colour car, giving the more agressive look.

There is a MASSIVE thread on it on the 8P forum, so might be worth having a look over there to get some more info on it.

Think its only meant for the headlights as well, as im sure i read that someone used it on their fogs and they left a burn mark.


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I would be tempted to use the clear on my headlights after I have polished them. Looks like its similar material to the Invisible Shield range of gadget screen protectors and that stuff rocks...

Wouldn't want to use a colour though...


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look at rabbits car on the 8p forum. the best 8p s3 IMO.


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I want to Lamin X my headlights but can't find a shop near me where i can choose the shade


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Ive just put some subtle tint on my 8L,put it on the headlamps and fogs,gonna put some pics up shortly.yes you can order direct from the lamin x website and they accept paypal.