Lambda sensor 2007 tdi sline

Hi all son has a 2007 a3 sline 170bhp with the bmn engine we have been looking for a lambda sensor but a bit confused on what one, went on the phone to tps would not help.
The problem is one site is saying 5 wires 6 pins and so could somebody confirm this please or do they have a part number thanks for all your help.


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Have a look on Eurocarparts, they do give some detail on their parts. Choose the Bosch version which are OE figment.
Thanks for that son has a bigger problem got hold of tps in cardif been told that there are 3 exhaust gas temperature sensor and then the one lambda sensor, fault code is p0546 but is there anyway of telling which sensoe that it could be. Or has it got to be be put on vcds which then would tell you which sensor it would be, also the lambda sensor is on the engine but does anybody have a clue where the others are would they be after the dpf or before thanks for all your help.