Lakeside Karting - Friday August 28th


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A long long time ago I used to be part of this forum (although all my old posts seem to have disappeared?). I also arranged quite a few karting events. In the past couple of years I've been lazy and just joined onto other open races but recently I've been getting more into it again and have always wanted to race in a championship.

I understand most people won't know me but as I say I've been part of these forums for years and I also now run a detailing company you may or may not have heard of . Anyway this is nothing really to do with that but I wanted people to know I'm a genuine person :)

I've always wanted to race in club100 and be part of a championship but the costs are prohibitive for me at £175+ per race. So to keep costs low I'm aiming to run a series of races using the hire karts and raceware of each track we visit. Each race should be £65 or less.

Now this is pretty early stages at the moment so I'm just going to take it one race at a time so if you want to just race in this one event thats fine. But I'm already planning another 2 races for 2015 to make up a little mini season so if you want to race it those as well I'll make a league table.

For 2016 I want to run a season with at least 8 rounds.. but again people can just do as many races as they like, even just one single race.. but hopefully there are others out there like me who would like a fun but CHEAP championship :)

Please feel free to invite friends who you think would be interested.

2015 Round 1 – Friday August 28th, 7pm arrival – Lakeside Karting


Race Format

19:00 – Arrival, Sign in, Suit up, Briefing
20:00 – 10 min Practice / Qualifying
20:15 – Race Start. 30 min sprint from a grid start
20:50 – Trophies, Lap times

Cost and Payment

The cost is £65 per driver which is payable to me as I’ve already booked and paid for the track. Please pay via the paypal link below either using your paypal account or if you don’t have an account you can pay direct with a credit or debit card

Drivers and other details are on a little blog site I made. Apologies its so basic at the moment. I'll develop it as I go along.

Thanks and feel free to ask any questions.



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Quick bump. I've had quite a few from here before come karting with me so I thought there would be some more interest?


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Another little bump.. probably the last one as it doesn't seem like anyone here is interested :roll:

Getting there slowly with the grid but it looks like all will be ok now and it will definitely go ahead. 8 Already paid and 4 more on that list I know are paying imminently.

If you are interested in this and have been holding off now is the time to let me know please :)

I've also put up the details of the next race which will be at Red Lodge at the end of September. The winner of that race will receive a refund of their race cost as a bit of a prize. See here for details.


List for Lakeside. Green = Paid
1. Nathan Willits
2. Mark Preston
3. Mikaela Kirby
4. Andrew Stefanczyk
5. Andy Otoo
6. Matteo Macchi
7. Grant Ashley-Smith
8. Tim Phelps

9. Neil Shaw-Smith
10. Stuart McLean
11. Anu Ogunade
12. Katy Ogunade
13. Kesh Naidoo
14. Clive Hill
15. Chris Pincher
16. Sally Shaw-Smith

This list will not be updated on here. Please see the website for the up to date list.