Lacquer peeling!!!!


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Hi All

Just wonder if someone on here can recommend a cure for my problem...( No not that one I have seen the

Just around the rear of the roof near the roof rail I have noticed that the lacquer is peeling and some has come off, is there anything i can do to prevent more coming off as now the paintwork is exposed and what can I do to repair this patch !!!!!

Hope somebody can help !!!!!!!


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First qu is is the car def out of paint warranty? If it isn't out of warranty, take it in.

If it is out of warranty and you don't want a respray.....

I had this problem on a previous car when it was about 6 yrs old - the lacquer started to peel away on the roof near the windscreen.

I did manage to stop it and it was fine for the next 3yrs before I sold it.

What I did was buy a touch up bottle of clear lacquer, gently brushed off the lacquer that was flaking and then applied some new lacquer over the bare paint and onto the existing lacquer edge, making sure I overlapped the joint. The main idea here is to put lacquer over the lacquer edge that is peeling back so it doesn't peel anymore, effectively sealing the flaking edge in. Just get it back to a firm edge first by removing the loose lacquer.

This works for an edge of lacquer that is flaking but if you have patches here and there coming off I'm not sure what you'd do.


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I had the same on my B5 Quattro (five years old at the time). It flaked away from the edges of the front wing, adjacent to the bonnet, and the front doors, immediately below the trim strip. I used the same remedy as cdb2.


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And definately do not use a jet wash on the car at all.
I had the same issue on the bonnet of my B5 quattro, a few small patches. Inadvertently used a jet wash on it and managed to peel a further 6 inches off it without even knowing until I shammied it dry. Doh!
Had to get the whole bonnet resprayed.