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  1. AshRS3sportback

    AshRS3sportback Member

    Would I be correct in assuming the KW Height Adjustable Spring kit is basically a more cost effective competitor to the MSS kit?

    It’s almost half the price! Any experience of the kit from fellow members ?
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  3. dno_uk

    dno_uk Active Member Team Ara Blue Team Riviera Audi RS3 Audi A6

    I've had the KW adjustable springs for a month now and would definitely recommend them.

    Handling is certainly improved and although the ride is slightly harder it's by no means uncomfortable.

    My priority was to change the look/stance of my car hence I went for the KW kit, if your aim is to change the handling of your car then maybe MSS is the way to go?
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  4. AshRS3sportback

    AshRS3sportback Member

    I’m similar to you, looking for a better stance (not slammed) and wanting to use a good quality brand. I know I could go the route of fixed springs alone, however I’m not keen on the “nose down” look which I noticed the h&r seem to do.

    I have mag ride, so I’m hoping ride quality in comfort will be as close to oem as possible.

    I love the idea of the mss, just can’t justify the price. Also I very much doubt my driving ability would feel the advantages of the mss.
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