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KW F&R ARB kit v 034 motorsport rarb v whiteline rarb

A1_audi Jun 3, 2016

  1. A1_audi

    A1_audi Registered User

    About to make a purchase of an anti roll bar kit for my pre-facelift 8p s3, and just thought i'd get some opinions as i cant find quite what i want via the search tool.

    Obviously the tried and tested that everyone mentions is H&R full kit, which is 24mm/26mm, but this is probably a bit out of my budget having just done all the services.

    The other options are the:
    KW kit 26mm/23mm
    034 Motorsport 25.4mm rear only
    whiteline 24mm rear only

    Has anyone opinions or used any of those?

    The Kw full set seems good but with the smaller rear bar, will it keep the grip rear biased? or is the smallish rear bar increase in stiffness higher proportionally than the front and moves some of the grip bias forward ?

    What i would like is a nice tight car around corners with good turn in, but not something that will have a twitchy rear end or see me oversteering off the road if i get in a muddle ( if that's even possible in an S3)

    If you could offer your opinions that would be great

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  3. Moxy89

    Moxy89 Registered User

    Just save for h and r pal :)
  4. Craig-P

    Craig-P Registered User

    TBH I can't see there being much difference between all of them really.

    I have a Whiteline on mine and it does the job, anything over standard is an improvement.
  5. nil538

    nil538 Registered User

    Eibach do a good set up mate

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