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KO4 hybrid or Garrett Gt2860rs

marks-krazy-s3 Jan 29, 2010

  1. marks-krazy-s3

    marks-krazy-s3 Registered User

    audi s3 225 bhp with forge front mount intercooler ,forge awesome 007p recirc valve with the green spring, decat pipe with miltek middle and rear ,k&n 57i induction kit . k04 hybrid or garrett Gt2860rs, ive heard mixed things about both , the k04 Hybrid will give you 300bhp and the Gt2860rs will give you 330-350bhp but the price difference is massive can anyone help?
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  3. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!!

    yup, the GT will mean you'll have to upgrade your internals (rods) hence the big difference in cost..... plus other factors relating to the fact the GT doesnt belong on this engine.....
  4. ChriS3

    ChriS3 hud at ye bam

    You don't have to do the rods on the Garrett turbo, but you're at the upper limit of the standard kit. Price difference can be down to many things, mainly the fact that a hybrid can be done on an exchange basis and doesn't need any additional pipework to make it fit.

    The hybrid will have less lag and more torque than the Garrett, but overall less power. IMO the hybrid is a better option for road driving, the Garrett is a better option for running up and down the strip and bragging about power figures to your mates. Also the Garrett will make its numbers at higher revs so you're more likely to have a valve issues.
  5. marks-krazy-s3

    marks-krazy-s3 Registered User

    Thanks for the replies guys ,the Ko4 hybrid i can get on an exchange basis for just under 600 and with all my other mods i think it will run 300bhp nicely so thats my best option without spending thousands for 30- 50 bhp more . anyone recommend any front brake upgrades?
  6. dela

    dela Registered User

    mk 4 R32 brakes are a very good compromise between price and brakeing force, have heard good things
  7. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator

    Not too sure why, but the hybrid K04 isn't a popular option for S3 owners, I can only think of 2 people who have the hybrid turbo(don't remember the usernames), and one is unreliable, the other was purchased with it bolted on! Another thing is, to get 300bhp it requires the 3" downpipe, FMIC and a few other mods, which isn't good value for money for the gains.

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