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I might have the opportunity to buy a B7 RS4, Reg "RS04 YER”.

Anybody know of this car?

Also, the dealer is asking 22k for it (mileage is 61k) which I thought was a bit high and around 18K would be book value?

Thanks in advance


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Hi mate.

I bought an 06 RS4 Avant with 72k miles last week from a dealer here in Northern Ireland for £19.5k. Having looked at all the car available around the country low mileage examples seem to command strong money, enquired about a 58k mile car selling for £23k!

At the end of the day if it's clean and you really want it, buy it! :yes:


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My budget is less than 22k, I'm willing to pay some over the odds for a decent car from a reputable dealer but not that much

Hopefully, cash is king!!

Set my heart on a black one buy Daytona Grey is growing on me by the day!!


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Looks like the dealer is trying to make some easy money on that RS4, I'd haggle and if they won't play, walk away and find another :)