know, anything about this colour of my car, do you think white or black wheels?

theres 1 in my lasses street that colour, i love it, she thinks i may be gay haha
its pink! never seen a pink one before ;)

black wheels will man-it-up a bit.
Wheels would be better in an anthracite or black i think, white stands outtoo much! Wots the deal with the headlights, is that some kind of spacer at the rear of the indicator?
haha well i'm a guy, had a few laughs turning up on the building site with her!! was thinking more of a black, with black roof maybe, no the lights are a complete unit, the silver part is flush with the headlights/wing.
what about the chassis badge on the slam panel or the sticker in the spare wheel well ?
Look much better in dark grey or black, even matt black. Loving the mascara on the corner of its eyes......:laugh: