Kitchen appliances . . . . Where to look??


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Need some pointers guys; I'd normally look on websites such as Curry's/Dixon etc but knowing there are cheaper places elsewhere I just don't know where to look!

I'm in need of the following very soon - can anyone recommend where to find a good purchase?

- Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer
- Fridge/Freezer

Also, does anyone know a decent place for buy a Gas cooker (something like a CDA) & a Flueless gas fire?

Thanks in advance!:beerchug:


Defo worth the wait :)
Didnt know that!!

Anyway if you know anyone with a Costco card, they are great for electricals, when we moved into our place, we got our washing machine and fridge from there, prices were better than all the shops and their customer service on repairs/returns is excellent, only thing is you need to provide transport for collection of items

Hope that helps.


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Thanks guys - defo given me some options!


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This link gives you various online shopping search engines etc etc:

I managed to get a pretty decent Bosch washing machine and fridge freezer for £550 each one came with 5yr guarantee from Currys about a month ago. Tescos also do bundle deals of White Goods, someone also mentioned Empire Direct, they were awesome for cheap good deals (maybe thats why they went bust) dont know how they are under Richer Sounds though...

I was going to order from Argos but they wanted something daft like £50 to deliver on a Saturday, might be cheaper to rent a van if you have the time/can be *****, do Vivaro/Transit size vans for £21 a day midweek if you book online. :)