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I have only got 1 key for my s3 and I have managed to break the open button so it doesn't work!

i have bought a new shell for it, my question is I want another genuine key but the keys on eBay have different codes and frequencies - is there a specific s3 8p key code?

mike foster

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The key is specific to your car only ! If you buy one off ebay, assuming it is the same reference number and frequency, it can be coded to open and close the vehicle using VCDS. You can also get a new blade cut to fit the door locks.

It cannot be coded to start the vehicle without replacing the one-off immobiliser chip inside it and then contacting Audi for the 'secret' code for them to recode it.

It will also be necessary to disable the missing key just in case.

A new key from Audi used to be in the region of £180 - £200
8p0837220d is correct remote. There's also cheaper & easier options than going to Audi

@udi A3

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I have one of these currently available, clean but second hand, can cut and program it for you if your interested. Where abouts are you based?


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Hi @udi A3. I also need a new key for my 2009 sportback. Please could you send me over a price if you have a couple for sale?