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Key Sync Issue

ZK3 Feb 3, 2018

  1. ZK3

    ZK3 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I have a 2006 B7 A4, the problem I have is remote key related. From the start both keys worked fine for unlocking/locking the car via the door and starting the car. But only 1 of the 2 key fobs allowed me to lock and unlock remotely, anyways 1 month after owning the car, the key stopped working, changed the battery all okay after re-sync (holding the lock button and cycling ignition on and off).

    Had to change battery within 2 months, 1 month later same problem, as new battery convinced it was the key fob (buttons looked pretty worn), ordered one from eBay (cheap option only I could find) changed everything over, including transponder and key sync allowed car to be unlocked by the button - no problem.

    About a week later key stopped working to lock or unlock car remotely. Only thing different I did was due to cold weather would use the second / spare key to leave car running to defrost windows etc but not sure how that would cause an issue as changed which keys I used before very sparingly

    Anyways I have since stripped apart key 1, put back together again and sync via normal process, all working okay with key 1, only been 2 days.

    Scanned with vagcom (before re sync 2 days ago)only error code that stays is key 2 "00956", another code for alarm triggered comes up but always clears, because once unlocked by key if not put in ignition alarm goes off. Only other info of note that I can think of is the original Audi key fob is 433mhz and the new fob is 315mhz.

    Any advice to confirm issue or checks to try let me know. Have friend who can scan with vagcom.

    Someone has suggested control module but don't understand how new key fob would work at all and no codes. The guy who sold key fob is convinced its the transponder that causing the issue.

    Cheers in advance

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