Key resync


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Changed the housing on my key this morning and struggling to get the key to resync it back to the car watched numerous YouTube videos and not one has worked

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Wagon Wheels

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I had the same on a spare key fob with a dead battery. Nothing I found online worked. I the end had to go to Audi to plug in laptop and resync, fortunately I have a friend at my local dealer


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If it's not starting the car you've not transferred over the small immobiliser chip under the little rubber pad in the corner of the inner case.

If it's not remotely locking and unlocking the car, you either need to transfer over the original board or have it reprogrammed to the CCM with VCDS.

kevin elliott

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both my key fobs stopped working - tried all the suggestions to re sync after replacing fob battery. If its the reader coil then would that stop the remote control locking working? Engine turns over fine but I think immobiliser is stopping it firing.