Key / Key Fob Question


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Jul 25, 2017
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Hi There,

Picked up a '98 A3 as a run around to get me to work etc. Lovely car actually, but i have a question on the Key/Fob if anyone can help.

The car only came with one key, and i presumed the circle in the middle (As it moved) was for remote locking/unlocking - however, it appears to be a battery compartment possibly? So i've refrained from pushing or attempting to open it until i know what's going.

I've attached images of front back.
IMG 8029 IMG 8030

If i use key in drivers door it unlocks central locking and boot, and locks again fine - it also disables the alarm, and allows me to start the car. So all's good there, not an issue whatsoever.

However, What i really want to know is:-
1. If there's a battery inside there which i may need to get to at some point, and if so, what kind of warning (if any?) do you get if the battery is low. I ask this as i've taped it up at the moment as the plastic cover is lifted up on one end.

2. Is the circle area supposed to be a push remote? or is it purely a cap of some kind?

3. If it's possible to get a replacement/backup key - or even some kind of remote fob to lock/unlock so i'm not relying on the single key.

Any help/advice would be really appreciated, so thanks in advance.


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Apr 25, 2015
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1 - you'll probably just find it will stop working
2 - looks like it's just a cap for the RFID chip inside
3 - a remote/fob will be different. kind of rectangle in shape and a flip key. you'd need to have one made. do you have your SKC in the books somewhere? or it should have been on a plastic tag. 4 digits. along with another longer string of numbers.