key fob not recognised. Need help please.


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Hello folks.

So I decided to fit my own dashcam and whilst installing (like a nob) I used fuse F19 which is "control unit for convenience key" as a result the car now says "Key fob not recognised"

I can start the car by pressing the key to the pad on the steering column but this is not ideal. I rang Audi and they said (which flabbergasted me) because I had fitted my own dashcam and caused the problem they were unable to help me or work on the car. Does anyone else think this is completely unreasonable?

Anyway can I get the key reprogrammed to the car any other way than having to go to the dealership? can a VAG coding place do it?

Thanks in anticipation of a reply.


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Try that, but once you replace the fuse, systems should come back up, so I do wonder if you've caused an issue on that fuse slot, did you fuse tap it or hardwire to that fuse point, seems strange tbh.

As for Audi, that's stupid, they will charge but should look at it for you.

Subject to location we maybe able to look at it


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Thanks for your help. I had another go at it and you're right I did cause an issue. Fuse not connected properly. System did return when it was housed again properly. Doh!

Feel like such an idiot but so surprised at Audi not even prepared to look at it or even mention that the system should still work when the fuse is removed and replaced again.

Thanks again for your reply.