Key Fob Issues


Mar 15, 2021
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Hi All

so today I was sat in car having dinner (on training course, needed fresh air) sat in car for 30 mins or so with window down, stereo on etc. when I got out held lock button on fob to lock and raise window. All seemed fine... 2 mins later got notification from Audi app alarm was going off, nipped out pressed fob and it went off. three hours later went out to go home and fob wouldn't unlock car, I had to pop off cover and use manual key and as soon as open door alarm went off, I pressed open button on fob and it went off so started car drove home no issues, car locked on fob, time for brew. thought id just check and again car won't unlock with fob, had to go through same procedure and tried again, same result ????? anyone got any ideas ???? Cheers (oh fresh battery in fob)
Wonder if its a power system fault given radio on for 30 minutes, ideally need it on diagnostics or just pop to audi.
Yeah maybe, its weird just been out again had to unlock with key, alarm went off, started ending checked all MMI settings... got out locked car fine... opened car fine... tried about 5 times everything working fine. Left it 30 mins and not unlocking again !!!! just don't get it ???