Key fob battery?


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Is there a limit on how long I can have the battery out of my fob, before it resets and forgets how to open my car?

Just had the back off it checking what battery it takes, then started thinking what if there is a time limit! So quickly put it back together without finding out what battery i needed!!!:banghead:


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should be ok I'd guess, your other fob,if you have one, would open car anyway.
had the back off mine to check it and worked ok after
Battery is a CR2032 type


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I think you have a couple of minutes
Also I have some CR2032 batteries if you pm me

Cheers mate, but I got a couple from asda on my lunch!

2 x asda long life £2.75 not bad really, I would have prefered branded but I can put some decent ones in next time if needed.