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So Jassy - what's your new chariot then ? Not been on the forum for a while so missed that chat....
Hi mate hows life treating ye and yer Daytona S3?
As you may know not ****** much out there in the new car market..especially from Audi so have gone for a fully loaded hairdressers car..comes with state of the curlers,hair straighteners and a awe singing awe dancing twin turbo hairdryer it can blow a wig off in o-1 of a second ....lol


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All good Jassy thanks. Staying sane is as good as it gets for now LOL ! S3 is good - no issues and PPF still doing it's job keeping the paint chip free !
TTS looks top notch matey. Twin turbo hairdryer :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
My detailing query for you today relates to the wife's Discovery - the rear wiper arm is badly faded and a bit rusty. Any thoughts on sorting that ? Would any of the plastic treatment products improve it (after removing the rust with fine wire wool maybe ?)


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So, yesterday I further corrected the paint on my S5 as I wanted to show off the Audi Exclusive Palace Blue paint! As you can see by the picture below the first few runs with the DA (hex orange pads & Menzerna 2200) left the paintwork with a significant area of holograms which I discovered when cleaning the car and prepping for the second stage of correction. This was expected and all other deeper defects had been cured for the most part. Thankfully this was easily fixed and I have had this problem in the past so I knew how to go about fixing it.


To fix these lighter blemishes I went with the tried and true method of a hex white pad and Menzerna 3500 on a low speed doing a few passes with the DA. Below are the images of this once I had completed it. So far I have only managed to complete the passenger side 3/4 panel and roof as it's a very time consuming process. (The white line is a plane in the sky not a scratch)





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Thanks for reading!