Karls 3.0 TDI build thread


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I did find that the extra pump stopped the fuel rail pressure dropping as much as it does when hitting high 300bhp numbers. As you say you can work around it but I figured it was better to try and maintain the fuel rail pressure resulting in reduced injection duration and hopefully better atomisation .
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Car is booked in for the 11th September with Rick so will give me chance to do a few bits and a service. My goal it 370-380 750nm if I hit those numbers I’m hoping I’m happy but obviously comes down to the way she feels, at them moment she’s meant to 300bhp and she’s ok. Since adding the turbo boot comes in later but pulls much stronger to redline. So hoping a the map can bring it back in earlier


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Hi Karl, massive thanks again, fuel pump install went smoothly which is nice. Found I can get to the MAP sensor easy by removing with wheel and going in that way, was easier than removing the head light. Car is in at Ricks in the morning, nervous but looking forward to it.
Thanks again!

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This is from a previous post.

Manual diesels not so good 0-60 as you can't do 60 in second as you can in most petrols so you need 2 gear changes but I would say it's some where in the low 5's 5.3 -5.4s if you get it right. Car isn't a lightweight it does weigh 1800Kg. A car with a DSG box would be a little quicker but I am not sure how it would handle 720Nm of torque.

I watched a video on You Tube Darkside Developements A5 3.0 with a DSG 400 plus BHP and 600 NM and it developed a crack in the bell housing.
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