Karcher jet wash at a good price


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Didn't know where to post this. It's to do with car cleaning.
I bought a refurbished K3 jet wash from this store about 18 months ago and it was like new and haven't had any issues at all with it, works faultlessly. Great for snowfoam as it can be connected to a detergent bottle.Handy for the winter for getting rid of all the salt and **** on the car.



Baz Clark

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To be fair I bought a K2 Home and a wet and dry vacuum from their outlet a couple of weeks back and saved a fortune! Got 12 month warranty and everything. Very happy! As you say, the best way to keep the **** off your pride and joy!


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I bought one of the WD2 vac's when they were crazy cheap on DW, didn't come with the correct bits and the wet vac bit looked decidedly dodgy lasted only a month before sounding like a jumbo jet, its in the land fill now. henry's the only one I would buy now. pw = nilfisk as well as karcher warranty wouldn't honour my failed pump on my last unit saying the water pressure was to much. they don't do quality anymore imo.