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steve bain

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old subject this one. but WHY oh WHY do work collegues feel i should justify why i modify my car?! its my frickin car people!

'it devalues it...'

'your a boy racer...'

'its chaved up...' this one really gets my goat!

'its so low you have to creep over speedbumps...'

'it puts your insurance up...'

'why do you not just buy one thats faster to start with?'

'why not buy one thats already chaved up?'

Why can people not tell the difference between a well modded car and a boy racer one. and why can they not see the value in the 17 year old 'boy racers' who spend hios weekends maintaining it and polishing it compared to the people who never even look at their car other than the bill each year when the garage fixes all the problems in the MOT and service. as this is afterall the only time a car should be fixed as they make it roadworthy for the year.

this list goes on. its my car. who cares why they don't understand why i modify it. now get back in your bog standard saab and join the rest of the boring world with your white school shirt and black trousers! :busted_cop:


haha I agree, people ask me to justify the money thats spend modding cars but modding my car is what makes ME happy and what I like to spend MY money on. Other people spend their money on crap, i'd rather put it towards something that i enjoy.


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Should ask them what they spend their money on and justify that.

Couple of mates in work thinks my car is all ways breaking causing i'm all ways working on it. I'm getting bored explaining to them that I'm replacing semi faulty things before it gets worse and costs me even more money.

It gets worse though older the car is. :(


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I've done something to most of the car I have owned since passing my test, it's more like a hobby for me, since I don't drink and don't smoke, the money has to be spent somewhere.

That's my justification.


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Justification is like masturbation...you're only screwing yourself.

That said, I attempt to justify all my spending, but mine's usually on my bikes.


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Its true, you dont need to justify anything, its your car, do as you please.

I get it all the time as well....boy racer...blah blah blah....sorry but im not!!

Stereotypes are a pain aint they!!

Young asian lad, in a nice fast car, and automatically, im a drug dealing/pimp boy racer (and these are people i know and get on with!!)


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It often depends on the car and the modifications.

Some of the things i've done to mine other people dont even notice.

If anyone ever "has a go" for spending money on a car i simply point out its no different to spending money going to a football match every saturday, or going to a golf course, or any other hobbys/pastimes.

The point is that 95% of people see a car as a box on wheels that transports them to places, so the idea that you could want to improve and individualise the car is an alien concept to them, and something they can only relate to "boy racer" types who often can be seen in heavily (and badly) modified cars.


Defo worth the wait :)
To be honest if i ever do mods to a car, the only things i do are discreet ones, where the untrained eye would be none the wiser, but for those that know, will know....thats the way i like it :)

steve bain

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ha ha! pleased everyone else is the same. one of girls asked why i spend so much on my cars. i said 'why spend so much on shoes, surely any old shoe will do'. after that she understood!

its the guys driving round in their £10k discoveries and bmw's. They just don't understand why i don't just get finance and buy a £10k car! really? and call mine an old ship heap and have no respect for it. Ie one guy chucked his bag on my roof, when i went mad, he said 'its only a **** old car anyway' w$$nkers...and breathe...

i normally point out that all of this years mods cost less than their yearly service...and my car is still faster :) and pink :)

its also same reason i do all my own DIY. i enjoy it, i can't afford to pay someone else and they'll fudge it up anyway. thing is most people wouldn't realise it had been fudged and that they had just been charged £10 to refill an already full washer bottle...

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well, I get it too! Lots cant understand why I spend most of the summer cleaning my car, modding it or just wanting to change bits. My car gives me immense pleasure and something to be proud of. I get alot of satisfaction doing it myself and learning along the way!