Just started searching for my first RS4 - any advice?


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I'm in the process of changing cars and going from an Impreza STi 2004 to an RS4.

Budget is about 30k and for that I seem to be able to get a 2006 model with 30-35 k on it. Seen a few on Pistonheads all around that mark, inc 1 at Audi Derby which isnt too far from me.

So, being new to the Audi market, is there an achilles heal on the RS4s to check for when looking at one?

Finally any 'must haves' as far as spec goes? I'm guessing bucket seats but anything else and any colours to avoid (for resale purposes further down the line)

Much appreciate any input from those in the know




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You're pretty safe with colours - Grey is safe and Sprint Blue/Black. And Misano red.

Option-wise - ceramic brakes will make it ultra sellable in the future if you can find one, but they're an expensive option.

Get yourself over to RS246, for as much info as you can manage!


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Ceramic brakes?They must be after market then?Dread to think about the cost.However, apart from the usual service history and oil changes, most of the RS4's Ive beadled at at my stealers suffer from worn discs.These have been standard oem discs, and looked like a ploughed field.Whether its soft metal or the way its been driven i dont know.But they are not cheap to replace.So i suppose looking out for one fitted with brembo etc might be worthwhile


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B7 RS4's had ceramics as an option, think it was about £5k alone.

Discs are a common issue with B7's. The drilled versions suffer massively with cracking, and therefore replacement very early in life. £450 a pair...


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Other than the usual stuff (oil, trim etc) check the track rods as these show up excessive use on track days. Dont be too put off if you find the perfect car but the front bumper looks a little off. It probably hasnt been in a smash, more likely just got tweeked when reversing off a verge (happened to me and a few mates


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Make sure you get one with buckets :hubbahubba:


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And then sell them to me...