Just sold the s3....

Nice one! Did you get close to what you were asking mate? Just as mine is a similar spec and toying with selling

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"You can sleep in a car but you can't drive a house".


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A chap came down from bristol and gave me the asking price.
To be fair he got a great buy. there wasnt a single thing which didnt work on the car and its got a brand new clutch, brakes etc etc.
Im happy because i got realistic amount for it and he got a lot for his money.


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"You can sleep in a car but you can't drive a house".

thats true!
The ibiza should still be fun to drive. i plan to either get one with a stage one map or get a standard one and have it mapped, then it will be the same power to weight as the stage 1 s3 i sold.
Interior quality will be hard to live with when compared to the s3.


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i want something with good mpg but was still fun to drive, they are pretty capable cars. I did say i wouldnt buy a car without leather interior but like you say, you cant have it all.
Hopefully itll be a decent stop gap whilst i do a house up, then who knows? i definatly wouldnt rule out going back to an s3....


Had an 8L S3, a B5 RS4 now I have a B8 S4
Good luck dude, glad you got your asking price


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all the best mate

s3 Hoggy

Whats going on???
Good luck pal