Just saw this.....a steal


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Cargiant, not a fan tbh. The test drive is literally a 2 min poodle around a industrial estate and the sales team are very pushy. Also prepare yourself for your PX price too, way below even trade prices. Insulting to say the least.


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Ok fair enough. I actually haven't had any experience dealing with Cargiant. But thought I'd share it anyway


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Those pictures don't do the sale ad any justice at all.
Thanks for sharing


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Or for £1k more an immaculate silver stage 2+ nearly half the mileage.

Sorry, shameless plug


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Those wheels were an option from factory I believe, quite rare.


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Not a bad spec especially with the buckets,flat bottomed wheel,but the chrome standard grille i am still not a fan of but thats a cheap fix and then a nice set of wheels on it

i dont think it would be a bad car


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Cargiant do have some gems, saw a facelift s3 in white with buckets for 15k, it didn't hang around long!