Just ordered my New A3 Sportback 1.4 COD S-line


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Hi everyone,

I am currently the happy owner of a 1.4 TFSI S-Line A1 and with my finance coming up for renewal in March next year I felt it prudent to get myself a new A3 as i felt my 3door A1 does not have enough space for my needs. Went into the Audi dealership and after a bit of haggling managed to bag myself a great deal on a new car.


1.4 COD S-Line Sportback
Daytona Grey
Hill Hold Assist
Audi Sound
Interior Lighting Pack
Non-Smoking Pack
SD Sat Nav
Advanced Parking Sensors
Comfort Pack

They are estimating wont be ready till January / Feburary. I think that if it comes in Feb that I will wait till the new plate instead of getting the car. When I joined the Audi family from my Suzuki Swift Sport i was amazed at how quiet the A1 was but sitting and driving the A3 it makes my A1 feel noisy and rattly:)

Very excited :)
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I was a Swift Sport owner until yesterday and am now in an A3 Sportback 1.4 COD S-Line! That's the previous generation Swift - not the current one.

Loved my SSS, but it wasn't quiet or refined. On paper the COD is about 3% faster to 60mph and 3% better power to weight ratio. However - the COD engine has much more torque in the mid range. So whilst I haven't had the needle anywhere near the read line yet, I haven't needed to. I'm certainly happy with the performance of the COD engine.