Just hit a curb...


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Ive not had a great month with my A3. I rear ened (low speed) a merc 3 weeks ago resulting in damage to bumber bonnet and headlights. car has been out of the garage for less than a week when I hit a curb...

on a windy road I had to swerve some muppet taking the corner too wide. I avoid them only to slide into a curb with quite a wallop(approx 30mph). the passenger side tyre took the full blow and it was instantly obvious damage had been done. so I limped back home to assess.

the steering wheel is 1qtr turn to the left whilst the front wheels are facing forward (neither are aligned though) there is a grating squeeking sound when I turn the wheel too far right. There is no real power in the wheels (not that i wanted to test it too much) esp is freaking out and the front ended bottomed out going over a bump to my drive which it has never done before...It just feels like im turning on ice - no real feel to it.

Its too dark to properly look at the damage (not that im fully sure what to look for but here are some pics)


Drivers side

hard to tell by the images but the drivers side is higher and off centre compared to the nearside

nearside wheel:

Drivers side wheel:

the nearside wheel now sits further back than the drivers side by about 1-2 inches and has some play in it when I wobble it.

Needless to say im gutted / furious.

im debating on whether to just get the insurance on this (for the 2nd time in a month...) and pay 200 excess or get it done at my local.

any ideas on whats likely to be damaged...


edit - oops posted this in wrong thread should be in 8l forum
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Gutted mate, Kerbed mine the other day just damage to the tyre and alloy and that was a hefty chunk in the wallet 50 quid to refurb the alloy and a part worn for 50 quid feeling your pain :-(


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PM a mod to get it shifted into the 8L section.

Also, gutted for you - wheel/s, suspension and likely steering damage by the sounds of it. Hopefully it won't be too expensive to fix for you.


:( did that once in a Mondeo, bent a Koni FSD shock (which only come in pairs) and hub carrier! If that's the case you're looking at a few hundred in new parts + labour.