Just given my car the MTM treatment


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Nov 13, 2007
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Finally popped down to QS tuning for a spot of remapping.

It was showing 275 as standard, and now it's up to 317.

I've got to say, they were very professional and extremely thorough when working with the car. Checked everything first, put it on the rollers, then put the software on, and then back on the rollers again. Kim definitely knows what he's doing and I would be more than happy to use them again.

As far as the remap goes, I had an 85 mile drive back home so got a good baseline in all conditions to see what it's like. The power isn't savage, but it's ****** quick! Very smooth power delivery. I don't know if that's a good thing because the speedo don't half climb and you don't realise it! Effortless down the motorway, very responsive throttle. Driving normally through town, you don't really notice anything. Gear changes are as smooth as they were before the map. The difference is when your foot grown heavier.

So to sum up.... I'm loving it! Happy with the decision to go with MTM :racer:
Nice one Coss, glad it's pressing the buttons.

Be interesting to see how it settles in once adapted.

Was it a long drive? When I went there is was 2.5 hours each way and it was a stretch to far for me to consider that ever being my tuners of choice (despite being nice enough people).

At least some Audi dealers are MTM friendly which helps.
Because I went first thing in the morning, I had to cover half the M25 in morning rush hour, which wasn't fun! So it took about 2 hours to get there. Took one and a half to get back. Maybe it was the extra horses lol.

I've got to say, 2 and a half hours would put me off too. Just a bit too far!

Just jetsealed the panther mate; ohhhhhhhhhh the colour - it's immense. Have you had yours done yet? If not get it done mate!


Just jetsealed the panther mate; ohhhhhhhhhh the colour - it's immense. Have you had yours done yet? If not get it done mate!


lol It's on my to do list but the weather hasn't let me! I'm also away a lot which doesn't help and when I'm back the weather is rubbish! I want to give it some proper TLC and take some snaps, but I can't. I used Blackfire wet diamond finish on the Lava Grey and that made the car look like the paint was still wet! Yet to use it on the S. I've spotted a purple, and also a bronzey green type colour in it. Amazing colour :drool:

Found on the homepage :) 699 good price in sweden it´s mutch more for MTM.

Yea, I think they've got £699 + vat on the website. If you give them a call, they'll give you a discount. Turn up with cash and they'll take off the vat ;)