Just Brought RNS-E what needs Coding?


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I am aware this may have been asked before but to I haven't found the answer that I'm after. I have a 2006 Audi A3 with a single din atm Non Bose with no steering wheel controls. I have jut ordered myself a RNS-E to fit this weekend and I know the stereo has a 4 digit security code, but am I right in saying I would need to code the car with a VagCom?

Can anyone advise please, does this need to be done for it to work and where can I get this done please?




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Sorry I'm quite a noob when it comes to coding, so just the 4 digit code that comes with the unit and then coding for the Can Bus? Any idea where I can get this done, as I don't have a VagCom


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If yours is a single din, then you'll need to convert this across to dd, plus trim the climate unit, we can do all the install/coding if of interest, ping me a message if that service is of use :)


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Thanks for your help! I have all the things to convert, and happy to install everything....it's just the coding I can't do.