Just bought RS4


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Hi, Just bought my father-in-law's RS4 (2002 year with 30k mileage). Great car - in excellent condition, but needs a service & MOT in New Year. Does anyone know common problems with RS4's..? I am sure there aren't many but any pointers would be appreciated.
Just the usual MAF sensor really. There are a few common faults on the S4s like F pipes etc, but the RS4 has them all sorted already. Just keep an eye out for knackered dump valves. If you are anywahere near banbury take it to MRC for a health check for around 40 quid they pressure test the intake system (if they are any leaks it will make your turbos work extra hard and will shorten their life) and give it the once over.

at 30 k it should all be fine but fo rthe sake of 40 odd quid Id rather have peice of mind after spending the over 20k on a car!


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Had boost leaks kill the turbos on my S4 and bought it from a dealer but it came with faulty DV's and a dodgy MAF. These are good things to get checked, nothing better than peace of mind. An Audi dealership WILL NOT find these faults, get it to a 2.7T specialist for a quick once over and complete peace of mind.

Great buy mate!! What an awesome machine!