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Facelift Just bought an RS3 saloon

zippster Sep 9, 2018

  1. zippster

    zippster Well-Known Member Team Mythos Team V6 Audi RS3 Audi S3 Audi S4 quattro

    Hey all.

    Yesterday I managed to negotiate a great deal with my local dealer to change my 2017 S4 avant for a 2018 RS3 saloon in mythos black..

    Excited is an understatement been on this forum for ever and have had many new Audi’s on the way..

    I have a question ..

    It has lots of goodies, however I’m yet to see it yet as it’s still in transit..

    Does anyone have any pictures of mythos black with lunar silver supersport seats?

    I love the idea of the colour combo but havent actually seen it in the flesh.

    Got any pics ?

    Thanks and Hi
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  3. T-800

    T-800 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Good choice of car.....

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  4. Scotty75

    Scotty75 Well-Known Member Team Brilliant Black Silver Supporter Sportback Audi A3 S-line owners group Manual

    Lucky man ........ Someones going to be having a lot of fun

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  5. SPIKE_S3

    SPIKE_S3 Well-Known Member Team Ara Blue Team Daytona Gold Supporter

    Congrats on the new car. What made you want to swap the S4 for the RS3? Look forward to seeing pics from pick up :icon thumright:

    Edit: just seen your thread on the A4 section!
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