Just bought an A3 and love it


TDi A3
Hi. Just bought a black 2001 TDi A3 a week ago and absolutely love it. Its also my first car so that makes it all the more special. I hope it is good to me and doesnt give me too much bother due to its age. I was coming down the motorway this week and the plastic undertray came loose and started flapping which did my head in, however i got my mate to replace the missing screws and it seems to be sorted now. I've also noticed a few times, the occasional squeak from the front wheels when driving slowly over speed humps which i've read on here may be the bushes wearing down [as i said i am new to motoring!] which im not too bothered about replacing soon as they seem cheap.
Im sure i'll be posting on here more often now as im turning into a bit of an audi geek!




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Welcome to the site Adam & happy driving.


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Hi Adam...Welcome to Audi-sport.