Just bought a Navarra blue S5 Sportback!


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Been searching for a S4/S5 SB for a few months now which included the adaptive suspension and finally bought one which I'm picking up this weekend. It's got a mega spec so quite excited! It's my first petrol car for quite a few years. My last petrol car was a Nissan Silvia Spec R.

Spec includes: VC, B&O, ACC, Matrix LEDs, Driver pack tour, Adaptive suspension, sports diff, dynamic steering, carbon inlays, flat bottom wheel, rev cam, ext interior lighting, pan roof, storage pack & a few more that I can't think of

Got it in the best colour too which is the Navarra blue metallic!

Quite excited to say the least. It's my very first Audi ever and I'm hoping the driving enhancements such as the dynamic steering, adaptive suspension & sports diff has a more RWD feel rather than dealing with the infamous quattro understeer.

Anyone else own a similar spec one?

Do I need to drive the car very hard to benefit from the sports diff?


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Very nice spec! Enjoy!

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Sounds similar spec to mine, same colour… except mine has 2 less doors and without carbin inlays!
I think Navarra looks great with either the chrome or blacked out bits too.