just been bought a camera


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my girlfriend has just given me a new dlsr as a late xmas gift

its a olypmus e450 and it came with 4 lenes, she got it for £120 as it was from the shop her sister is manager at and is a model thats about a year old, but this is brand new unopened and has one lens as standard but her sister sorted her out with 3 extra ones and a 2gb compact flash card

she did it as i dropped my compact camera few months back and i havent used a slr since my old 35mm gave up the ghost about 18months ago. she knew i was looking at getting a dlsr and was looking for something to start as a novice as i never really made most of the 35mm and it was 2nd hand and cheap

now i know its not a fully all singing camera like a top range cannon etc, but is this camera any good to learn with ? with the idea that say in years times i could look to getting something more advanced maybe.

ive read a few reviews and it appears not to be to bad.......but wondered if anyone has actual experience of using one




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Guessing you mean manual mode in regards focusing etc..

It has 3 modes single auto focus, manual focus and a combination of both

Although it doesn't have a mf/ af switch, you hav to use the menu to select which you want


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No i think y4n means manual as in not shooting in auto mode, Manual allows alot more control over exposure, depth of field, shutter speed, etc. the mf/af switch is to allow you to maunally focus your lens to the subject or to auto focus your lens. reason for the ( MF / AF ) switch.

as mentioned above, any type of dslr is a good starter pack to learn decent photography where you have to actually think about how to take the photography instead of the random point and shoot technique. xD

good luck with it and depending on what type of photography your into id suggest to invest in some filters!


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Lol yes sorry does have an m on the dial and you can change all the settings, as I've just tried and read the manual , also has other letters p,a,s which do something else lol

I'm going to take a night course at college in digital photography so I can learn how to make most of the camera and what all the stuff means

Lol going back to college at 40yo lol that will be novel I thought I'd done my education years ago lol

Thanks guys for the replies tho


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So Mark, you a keen photographer?

My missus was interested in a dslr, but seen that new Sony Nex-5 kinda hybrid unit, any advice on buying these jobbies & BTW hate samsung, they seem absolutely ***** as the digicams when on non flash mode are always blurred.