just a few clean pics, kinda ARTY


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ok people, my recent ps3 purchase has been keeping me entertained of late and my trusty b5 of 8 years hasnt been getting the loving its used to
so i gave her a quick bath this morning and took a few shots with my phone and thought i would share!!





And here is an older pic unedited so you guys and gals can see the real colour!



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Looking good my man :) love the colour of you car remeber seeing it up at the RR day it realy does stand out.


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thanks guys, noticed a tiny bit of rust bubbling along the bottom of the rear door, right above the door strip, and on the bottom edge of the front wheel arches, kinda depressing to see the ole girl deteriating. might try my luck and go to audi c how they feel about covering it under there corrosion warranty.


Aye you know it makes sense
I've got bubbling on the boot lid where the key goes in just above the number plate, what does the corrosion warrenty cover??


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Biglockie said:
what does the corrosion warrenty cover??

i will let you know when i get my lazy **** up to my local dealer. im sure i will get fobbed off with some lame excuse as to why its not covered.