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Juicy Detailing Who Are We?

Juicy Jen Jan 11, 2012

  1. Juicy Jen

    Juicy Jen Jen @ Juicy Detailing Site Sponsor


    Who are we? And what do we do..Who is Juicy Jen?

    Well Juicy Detailing was born from a passion of keeping our own cars in tip top condition. Over the years a simple car wash has become a bit of an obsession, including claying, washing, waxing and spending a small fortune on various waxes, just to have the shiniest car on the block.

    Jen our founder is one of an elite group of female detailers, who can certainly show the guys a thing or two. She doesn't detail full time (even though she would love too), as she has 2 great kids to look after, and also help look after our parent company Diesel Tuning UK LTD.

    One day at work she mentioned to Andrew (her partner and MD at DTUK) that she was bored, and fancied doing something else. As detailing is such a passion of hers, it was suggested that she should look into offering DTUK customers the option to purchase some of the best car care and detailing items currently available. This is where Juicy Detailing.co.uk came into play.
    After deciding to purchase a large quantity of Dodo Juice products, things started to roll, and we offered these items to our customers who have been over the moon. A few asked us if we could supply products from various different manufacturers including Chemical Guys, Collinite, 303, 3M to name a few, So the decision was made to yet again invest some more time and money into bringing more items into our portfolio.

    This is when both Jen and Andrew looked at each other and thought wait a minute, I think this is going to be quite big!

    Juicy Detailing.co.uk is part of Diesel Tuning UK also known as DTUK.

    We've taken the same business ethics and ethos and injected them into Juicy Detailing.co.uk. We aim to offer the best value for money, with the service, pre and after sales to match. Trust us to supply you with some of the best products at a reasonable cost in todays market place, we won't let you down.

    They are both avid Audi fans and have had several TTRS's and now own a RS3 as their little toy so although they work mainly with diesels within DTUK they are actual major petrol heads!
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