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Juddering steering after power steering pressure pipe failure

DazzyBabie Nov 22, 2018

  1. DazzyBabie

    DazzyBabie New Member

    Good Evening All,

    I'm sure this topic has been done to death, and thus far google has shown this is a common problem....
    So, to start from the beginning of my woes.
    During a 3 point turn, I lost all power steering as the hydraulic fitting on the end of the pressure pipe from the power steering pump, where it joins to the rack (Back of the engine bay) had corroded so badly, it failed, dumping all my power steering fluid.

    I have replaced the hydraulic pressure pipe from the pump, with a like for like, made by a local hydraulic specialist. Since then, I have had the pleasure of the grinding juddering steering.
    We have been through the wheels in the air lock to lock bleeding process countless times, and air continues to come out. but the problem does not go away.

    We have ruled out turret bearings, as in the morning, when the vehicle is cold, there is no problem, it is only when the vehicle becomes hot that the problem occurs (plus it didnt do it before the pipe burst, so i can imagine that the burst pipe would cause the turret bearings to fail).

    I did drive the vehicle about 500 yards with no power steering, (had no choice, couldn't abandon it where it was)

    We have replaced the pump.

    So, the symptoms....
    The low pressure return pipe from the rack judders like a good one when its happening, and juddering can be felt through the steering wheel, and steering rack.
    The symptoms are consistent with air in the system.

    It seems that this is a difficult problem to solve, and has lead to people replacing racks, pumps, pipes and eventually cars.

    Someone must know the cause?

    I'm interested to know if anyone has a trick or a method of fully bleeding the rack to get all the air out, as when the wheels are off the ground, going lock to lock, listening to the rack, it does make some interesting noises, much like there is still air trapped in it.

    I would appreciate your thoughts and experience, as i am determined to beat this somehow!


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  3. iondarie

    iondarie New Member

    Have a look inside the servo liquid tank see if it bubbling/boiling when you use the steering wheel.

    Inside the servo liquid tank there is a sieve that can get really dirty and it wont let the servo do it’s job properly.

    My motherinlaw has a B6 that had lines and servo pump replaced because of that sieve beeing clogged.

    She payed about 500€ to replace the lines and pump for nothing. A smart guy cleaned the sieve for 10€

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