judder/misfire 2.0 tdi


break,fix,break and repeat
firstly apologies if this has allready been mentioned or talked about

recently purchased my a6 2.0 tdi 2008 MY

have had it fully serviced with all filters and oil.
the car is still juddering in idle and when the revs are held.
when driving there is no possible problems (this is my first diesel) and it pulls well i think.
no smoke,no warning lights and no fault codes shown on vagcom
mileage just under 100k
any help will be appreciated


break,fix,break and repeat
update on my recent works.
have had the car remapped via rolling road with EGR blank. also have changed the cam position sensor as it was showing a fault.
the car is still juddering in idle.
there are no faults on vagcom/vcds.
have used shell vpower diesel for the last 2000 miles and its had a major service and the problem is still here

is there anything else i should do or check?