Jose Mourinho - Petr Cech


Big Ron
Bad injury on Petr Cech and I hope he gets better... but is just me or is Mourinho a bit out of order putting the blame on Stephen Hunt/Reading etc this guy (Mourinho) is a proper nasty peice of work, cant stand him...:beee:


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I thought it was a bit off too...
He's a sore loser...and if anything at all doesn't go his way, it's everybody elses fault but his.

I admire the man as a brilliant motivator and manager, but as a person he needs to learn to be a shade more humble.

I saw no malice in either incident at the weekend.


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I can understand his frustrations as it's his job to look after the team's welfare, but when he comes out with comments about players dying in the dressing room it strikes me that he's over-reacting. Come on Jose, you've got enough money to buy an emergency helicopter for the team if you don't think Reading's facilities are up to scratch :)

Jens Lehmann had a quality knee-jerk too, saying that he thinks a keeper's going to die during a game soon. We've all played in goal at some point, some more than others, and what you come to learn is that you're going to get knocks. After all, you're trying to pick up a ball that everyone else is trying to kick, but you accept this as a hazard of the job and take appropriate precautions, like wearing shin-pads. If he wants more protection, why not wear scrum caps and gum shields?

You get paid outrageous amounts of money for playing a contact sport. Stop whinging; you're ruining the game :keule: :scared2:


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The comments Mourinho has made slagging off the ambulance response times are bang out of order. I'd be delighted if Reading FC sued him.


Turbo Sport
Mourinho is a tosser , he thinks the whole world rotates around him!


Big Ron
to be honest though it was a pretty bad head injury and a lot of rugby players where head gaurds and bumshields

sorry gum shields


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Ahh, reminds me of the good old days when a big dollop of Vaseline would fix any wound :slapped:

In fact, I'm surprised they don't do it in Premiership football. After all, they could use it to style their poncy haircuts :footy: