jetseal 109


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as above i have some jetseal i give the car 2 good coats around the 5th of dec it seemed good but i see its not beeding up now just a mth on i read it protect the car for up to 8mths so my ? is when i do the car again can i add a wax and then the jetseal to give it some really good protection. not to happy that its flat now its raining


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I think the wax goes on top? I've just Jetsealed my car and it has made quite a difference, not amazing, but I did it because I wanted to protect the paintwork from these cold elements.

I'm sure someone will be along soon to give you the correct procedure


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jet seal first then leave it a good hour before putting wax on top ... if your using dodo juice wax give it one coat then leave it a day then apply the second coat then next day then the water will beed like a trooper for you