jet wash/ pressure wash advice please..


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hi all i have always cleaned my car the good old fashioned way... pre rinse all over.. bucket and microfibre mit, rinse, aqua waxed, dried, and then polished...

im wanting to take it up a gear with possibly a jet wash/pressure wash.. e.g give the wheels a good blasting and also the car easier for blowing the flies. i also wouldnt mind trying the shampoo lance where you blast the car with shampoo....

what do i need to look for in a jet wash? i do quite fancy a karcher but do i need a certain one or special tools for blasting over the soap like the hand car wash peoples use lol

info would be great and methods you guys use...

regards chris


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Hi cwuk2001,

Sometimes jet washes do more harm than good to be honest.

They are that powerful and can make water penatrate into place's you dont want i.e connectors, flake your paint off etc etc

Stick to they way you have always done it thats the best way :)

I have a jet wash but it gets used for nothing more than blasting driveway etc



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You will need a karcher or a similar pressure washer, I have a smaller karcher which is ideal the water pressure is not dangerous enough to take the paint off at all, Just use it at a decent distant. Most of the retail pressure washers are nt capable of doing that they just arent as strong.

For the soap all over the car, This is a great way to enjoy your car wash routine and also make the surface safer before you hit it with the mitt and soap.

You will need a foam lance, Look at polished-bliss they are simply excellent with advice and will be able to point you in the right direction for all your needs.


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If you wash your car often enough there is no need to use a jet wash :/

By the time you get it out of the garage,plug extension lead in, untangle wires etc you would have had your car half washed!!!

If your only using it "from a distance" whats the point??? Normal hose does the same.

You say there not that powefull to take paint off?? Unless you painted your car yourself then all it takes is a little edge where the laquer has come away and before you know it..............woops!!! To late!!!

I have seen it waaaaaaayyyyyy to many times ( work at a body shop )

If you really want a jet wash to throw foam all over your car then do it.

Just my opinion