JB4 Question - 2021 S4 Prestige


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hi all,

i'm so happy to have jumped off the bmw ship and joined the audi family. i just purchased a 2021 s4 prestige two days ago and was thinking of purchasing a jb4 for the vehicle. can anyone recommend which map to use, either 1 or 2, which will work best with the car as i don't want to run anything different than premium fuel, i.e., no e85 or e85 mixtures, and i don't, of course, want to add any bolt-ons to a brand-new car.

i have had jb4s before, with my previous bmw and also with my previous lexus, so i'm familiar with the product, but i was wondering if i could get any input from members here on the piggyback and whether or not it's worth it.

thank you!

attached is a picture of my new ride waiting to be tinted yesterday - daytona gray over magma red. i'm in love.


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You'll probably get a better view on audizine. This forum is more UK orientated. I know a few people here have JB4s but there's far more chat about it at AZ


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I have a JB4 with BT sitting around if you want to buy it FWIW.