Jazzing up my Brembo´s


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I picked up a set of Brembo Juniors a little while ago. They were a bit rough to say the least so i set about doing a little refurb. I painted them rather than powdercoating them. If the paint doesnt last i will probably bite the bullet and powdercoat them. I also decided i was going to mask off the bolts instead of painting them like most people do. I think they turned out pretty nice!

When i bought them.

Wire brush time

A few licks of yellow

Decals added then about 6 clear coats

The finished articles


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They look good man. I've had a tin of yellow paint sat in the garage for the best part of a year now waiting to do mine but just haven't gotten around to it, lazy git. After seeing these I might have to pull my finger out and get it done!


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Good effort!! I need to re-do my yellow calipers too, what paints did you use? Any links? Cheers!


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Looks good with the masked off bolts, makes them look a bit more industrial


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To be honest I was a bit worried that by masking the bolts they would look like the ****** brembo plastic calliper covers you buy. (Which they kind of do)