jay1601 progess thread


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bought my A3 sept 2010. 1.8T sport

(will upload photos or car standad when i get home)

first mod was to install a boost gauge

then i got a FMIC set up


next mod was 312mm brake upgrade

after getting bored of the intercooler standing out i have painted it all matt black (now has black clips and joiner)


have made a DIY heat shield of induction cone
(has black joiners in engine bay now aswell)

boot has been fully de-badged and de-wipered

have fitted a 3" DP and decat (no pics of fitted)

getting it remapped tomorrow

my mods next on list is coilovers and paint the alloys gloss black and then finish off the exhaust system


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Bit of a thread bump, but have you got a Drivers eye view of your boost guages? And were they easy to fit? Thanks


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boost gauge has been moved since i started this thread. i will upload a photo when i get home of where i got the gauges now.

boost gauge is very easy to fit.


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Cheers, in my earlier post I meant to ask about the oil temp gauge as well, i.e. location and ease of fitting. Thanks.


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just a small update really.

new location for the gauges (needs to be re-trimmed)

standard alloys sprayed gloss black and new rubber

i have also made a sub box to keep my boot space free, i know its not the biggest or best sub but i only wanted a bit extra then the standard one could provide.

i've also used a high-to-low converter so i was able to keep the standard headunit


will be getting coilovers next, so will upload more photos once its lowered


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nice car m8,,, is it the agu,, and you done the map yet? interested as im getting bored of my a3 being slow now :(


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thanks mate. yeah its an AGU engine. i had it remapped a few weeks ago, has made such a difference has alot more pull compared to standard


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newbi hi guys i need sum help.i have a 1.8 se avant w reg and a 1.8 se avant y reg,ive took the engine ecu, clocks, ignition barrel,and door locks,out of the y reg audi and put them in the w reg audi. the car starts fine and revs right up no probs but when i get out on the road and try to speed up the car is slugish struggels to build up speed like its miss fireing. do i need to get the ecu and things reset? the y reg engine code is avv008824 / the w reg is apt060152. thx


^^this guy keeps posting the same thing everywhere


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been a while since i updates this thread.

done a few more bits since i last posted here.

rear mud flaps
OMP backbox
lowered a bit more
made my intercooler fit behind the bump
made the intercooler pipes in the engine by look OEM as possible
twin gauge pod. boost gauge and AEM wideband A/F ratio gauge
facelift headlights
facelift bottom half front bumper
Jetex cone filter





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next mods:

S3 upper strut brace
going to make a S3 sytle lower strut brace (stronger then the OEM one)
K03S turbo and custom stage 2 map


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been a while since i last updated. this is now going to become my track car.

fitted Powerflex dog bone mount
Powerflex top mounts (with new bearings)
Powerflex front wishbone bush
Audi TT rear front wishbone bush
new Tie rod and end due to having a bit of play in it.

this is the hight difference between the new top mounts and the old ones

fitted a new sump as i had a crack in mine, was surprised how clean the old pick up pipe was.

got a pair of bucket seats. will be made to fit in the A3, Corbeau Forza Sport, hight adjustable and on runners to slide forwards/back

so far the rear half of the car is stripped. no photos yet


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small update.
fitted EBC YellowStuff pads all round.

so far got one seat and harness in, tomorrow will get the other side sorted.