Jacking Points!


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Hiya guys, just wondering if one of you knowledgable lot can help me out here.
I need to take the wheels of but i'm scratching my head a bit as to where the best place to jack the car up is on each corner?:search:

Dont want to risk causing any damage, so if ya can shed some light on this for me, cheers! :beerchug:
I never use the std jacking points, for the front I jack where the rear inner bolt is that holds the front lower arm. The rear I think I use where the trailing arm fixed to the chassis I`d have to look to be sure Its a automatic thing.


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The standard jack goes on a lip under the car at either end. Or if your using a troley jack any solid part of the chasis is good


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When using the standard jack, place a piece of rag between the jack and sill. It's easy to damage the underseal.


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Thanks guys, i wont be using the standard jack that comes with the car, i'm going to be using a trolley jack!


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yup and dont use the chassis as the long square columns just collapse:ohmy:

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And just incace it all goes tits up, place the space saver under the car......just incase lol