Jacking points on sills


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Ive had mine up in the air so many times the sills have crushed and flattened.
I used to use a halfords jack which has done the damage, Now I have splashed out and I use a bluepoint low slung jack with a big pad to try to dustribute the weight.
The sill had been totally flattened now, and ive started jacking it up from the large bolt that goes through the sub frame.

Now the last thing I want is the S3 to start rotting its sills away. I know they are galvanised but Ive had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with cars with rotten sills before.

Does anyone else have this issue? As far as we know there are no reports of S3's getting rot and holes?


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If it helps anyone....I bought an ice hockey puck off ebay for a few quid, then cut a slit in it using dremel/hacksaw, which kind of mimics the shape of the sill. This then sits on top of your trolley jack and helps spread the load and keep the sill straight.