Its up for sale....


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I hope you get as much as possible for it but if I'm honest thats asking alot for an 02 car.


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£9350? Wonder what I'd get for my car then?


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Ouch.... the price has put me off already.


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Ok then guys maybe im being a bit hopefull with the price, but if you dont ask you dont get ....:whistle2: I'm open to suggestions/offers ?? Its not really the time of year to sell being just after xmas and all, but im in no hurry i suppose.....

Paul its not lowered, its just on standard quattro sport springs. Think with the Votex kit and the 19's makes it look lowered....


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If you want a decent idea, run a completed items search on ebay and see what similar cars sell for.

Its the easiest way to tell how much a vehicle is actually worth in todays market, looking on pistonheads or in autotrader doesnt really work, as it shows what people THINK they're cars worth, not what people are actually prepared to pay for one.


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Its a shame to see such a nice car go I bet but have to agree with the other on the price, Thats well high but hey you never know like you say, you gotta try!!


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I'd say with out the kit and wheels the car will only book for about 5k. but to the right buyer I think somewhere in the region of 7-7.5k might get you a buyer. I must admit though. I couldve bought a later S-line for the same money i gave for my 52 plate 1.8T with the don't go buy what the s-lines are knocking on'll get a decent price but its waiting for the right buyer....
I can't get to that ad.... but from what I gather, we're looking at a 2002 "02", 3.0 Quattro Sport?

Parkers guide prices for one with 60k miles on it:
Private Good £5,445

Private Poor £4,285
Given the flood of high-spec cars on the market, even an avg mileage, decent spec models are going for the mid to lower end of that range, especially the bigger petrol engines. Diesels seem to be holding towards the middle of their ranges. Extras like SatNav also seem to push it higher within that range. Metalic paint, nice Alloys and full leather make the car slightly easier to sell, but very little difference to the price, especially with the "Sport" and "S-Line" models... and non-VAG alloys will push you down, not up, so at least those are Audi alloys ;)

If the car looks a real gem and is around 60k miles, then ask £6k, but you may have to wait...