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I recently ordered a Forge cold Air Intake for the S3. I then went for a Revo remap. The car without the intake is unreal, deffo a must for those on the thin line between buying one and going for a cheaper option. Well I told my Revo dealer about the the Forge intake coming soon. His reply was "cancel it", well suprised to say the least as this guy is a Forge dealer.

This guy knows his stuff and going off reputation is probably one of the best in the country at what he does. He recomended ITG as the best filter for the S3. Based on the research and development gone into it and performance gains. He spoke to the main man at ITG and as a profesional to profesional said he was blown away by the knoweldge and in depth research gone into the product. In comparison he labelled the Forge intake as a bit Mickey mouse (ouch). :sob:

Well anyhow post your views, would be interesting to know what you think.


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I went for the evoms dry filter with fine mesh sock, The ITG is an oiled filter is it not? after a bit of reading i found out that the oil from the filter will eventually screw up your maf sensor as the oil particles are inducted when your driving and coat the sensor. I have heard good things about the ITG but having an oiled filter will just cause problems in the future. Thats the reason i went with the EVOMS Stg 2 CAI

Some Info On The ITG Here:

Cheers Davie
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I have the ITG on my stage2+ edition 30, performance increase over stage 2 alone was astonishing.


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I've been looking at getting the ITG for a while,my S3 is remapped (no other mods) do you think ill see some gains if i got the ITG with just the remap or would i need full exhaust etc??
I wasn't really planning on getting exhaust although in the future i may go for the down pipe and sports cat,at present my clutch is slipping so thats priority !


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You'll definatly see gains with the ITG, but make sure you get it re-tuned when the intake is on, to make sure the map is suited to your setup (thats what is happening with mine). My Revo dealer is mad on the ITG and as it says above he is a Forge dealer lol.