It seems this split gives me an oil leak..affect power?


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It seems this pipe has split causing oil to leak on things below? Anyone source the part? And does it affect performance?

2.0TFSI 200BHP


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If your talking about the main pipe in view. Thats part of the PCV system which recircs excess air pressure back into the inlet from the engine.
a few things to mention.

1. the pcv system makes the oil vapours OZONE friendly by placing them back through your engine, which is why you have a slight leak below.
2. alot of people just block off the pcv system, i have recently done mine, which means no leaks, less oil going back into my engine which means more "good" air not mixed with oil vapours.

O and 3. if the pcv system is leaking, it means you are loosing boost pressure, which means you will be down on power, only slightly i imagine but when its blocked or fixed you will notice it.

I used the forge blanking plate myself, and noticed and instant better drive. Its only about £70 and gives your boost tap options in future for a boost guage or meth kit etc..