It pays to speak to the organ grinder rather than the monkey.

Hello to all owners of the best cars made since the sinking of "The Titanic" I have just found out some information that most don't know about. After car sales people, the next inline to fleece you of every penny they can comes ( yes you have guessed it) "The Insurance companies" I had a quote from "Ageas" on line for fully comp, including all the bells and whistles, Inc. windscreen replacement, courtesy car, N C Protection, every thing but a Bacon sandwich for £453.09, I applied again 3 days later and the price had rocketed up to over £640.00 pounds. Now I have a pretty good sense of humour, and I have also known about inflation, but I felt that this not only takes the biscuit but nicks the tin as well.

I phoned up a very nice lady called Joanne Plumber, and asked the question regarding the massive increase over 72 hours, she replied that prices vary if there is a "D" in the day ( do you ever get the feeling that you are flogging a dead horse)
After this explanation, Joanne not only insured my Audi fully comp but gave me a price £20 pounds less that the CHEAPEST price quoted on line, (I could cuddle and kiss that Lady) so for me Ageas are a company worth looking at. I do not charge for this information but do it as a public service, keep the shiny side up, Kind regards "Billy and Snow White"